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Why Oxford University Press grabbed the Hermanus Whale Festival’s online marketing strategy- and what it can mean for your business!

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The bumper 2017 Hermanus Whale Festival’s digital marketing model captured the attention of the Oxford University Press (OUP) and will now be included in their textbooks as a digital marketing case study for the tourism sector.

Marketing Tourism in SA 6e: Ch 13 Case study 13 Digital marketing in tourism - Jaydee media material.

The author Richard George is currently preparing the material under the working title: Marketing Tourism in South Africa 6e. The work is scheduled for publication by Oxford University Press (OUP) in January 2019.

Chapter Ch 13: Case study 13 Digital marketing in tourism: The Hermanus Whale Festival Source: ( [17 October 2018].

Jeanette Image oxford 500Jeanette Du Toit, owner and founder of JayDee Media,  has granted OUP permission is to use the material identified above inside the work and related works.

“Including the non-exclusive permission to use, display, reproduce, store and distribute the materials in the OUP work identified above in any format including but not limited to print, eBook and other electronic versions, throughout the world in the English language. This permission will also extend to use of the materials in related works, such as future editions, adaptations, translations, condensed versions, excerpts, custom editions and supplementary materials, as well as in connection with advertising and promoting the OUP work identified above and related works.

The Oxford University Press is international and therefore also required permission to store JayDee Media’s contact details in their database as it might become imperative to use servers and systems based abroad for the transfer of such material and contact details outside South Africa.”

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JayDee Media is a Hermanus based digital media company conducting social media training on all levels nationally. Training courses vary from the Basic Social Media for Beginners to the more advanced two-day courses, including  2-Day Social Media Marketing Workshops.

 The brilliant online marketing strategy behind the bumper 2017 Hermanus Whale Festival

was based on the training principles outlined in the abovementioned  2-day training workshop for business owners, marketers, and managers.

This "Brilliant Case study" or " how we do it" was the brainchild of Jeanette du Toit's strategy formulas and written by Linda Chivell, our brilliant content marketer and SEO Content writer.

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Participants are shown exactly how to use social media marketing tools to drive business results and keep them on the leading edge of business and social media marketing change.

The 140 000 visitors to the 2017 Hermanus Whale Festival are the result of consistently following these basic social media principles.

Relevant case studies and practical information which push participants into applying what they have learnt, and also, help them to visualize the concept in question, (i.e. the digital marketing of the Hermanus Whale Festival) was exactly what OUP found compelling enough to include in their tourism textbooks.  

The Hermanus Whale Festival is a case study based on familiar elements that make the subject come alive for the South African student.

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Teaching is always demanding because there is no limit to how far one can go to be an excellent lecturer. Textbooks with built-in resources can allow lecturers to spend less time devising work and more time on their other priorities, like research.

By including the Hermanus Whale Festival’s digital marketing model in its entirety in the Oxford University Press’s tourism marketing curriculum, the emphasis was given to the perceived success and the excellence of this online marketing strategy!

 Well done team JayDee Media!



Author:  Jeanette Du Toit [Founder & owner of Jaydee Media]

jeanetteAn IT (Information Technology) Professional with various skills and experience.
Google certified Digital Media Marketer.
An Experienced Web Developer, Web Designer, SEO [Search Engine Optimazation] specialist, Google Adwords + PPC; Digital marketing expert, Lead generation expert and Social Media specialist.